Part 1 gave you a rapid summary of the brand new Scheduler attribute in IDE v2.9 along with my ramblings. In this component, I’m planning to reveal you the best way to work with scheduler occupations to run your test suites automatically.

When beginning together with the scheduler for the 1st time, the fastest method to open the scheduler dialog box is by clicking on the scheduler icon on the IDE training toolbar and clicking yes to the prompt that is resulting.

What occurred was that you attempted to turn on the Scheduler also it found there were no jobs that are scheduled and offered to allow you to set up them. The scheduler dialog box will probably be opened having a brand new occupation prepared that you edit, in case you say yes. This is the way that it appears.

Leave the name for now and click the Select button alongside the Package text box. Utilizing the Select test suite dialog that shows up, select a test suite and click the Open button.

The test suite you picked will be shown by the package text box. The title may also be shifted automatically into a title based on the test suite file name that is newest. This saves a little time when creating a fresh occupation. It WOn’t be overwritten for those who have edited the name yourself.

Package and the name can alter to what you enjoy. That occupation may have troubles in being run should you set an invalid test suite course before you click the error message and everything will cease. There was a time, when the occupation could have already been just bypassed. Now’s really not that time.

Now that you’ve got set up the test suite as well as the title to run, it’s for setting the program time. The program part of the dialog box has lots of checkboxes. This part includes check boxes in three components, viz., one for days of the week, one for hours of the day and one for minutes.

The test suite will probably be run every single blend of the three components. In its default state, it’s going to run every 5 minutes to the evaluation. Let’s leave it as is for now. We’re planning to click the OK button, but before that, I would like to bring your focus on the check box about the OK button.

The Turn scheduler ON check box turns on the scheduler when it is assessed or turns away the scheduler when it is unchecked. In case the scheduler is on, your scheduled evaluations will run mechanically. They’ll not be run in case the scheduler is off, even for those who have test suites scheduled.

That is advantageous if you’re debugging your evaluations or doing evaluation care or creating new evaluations. In the event you are thinking about why sometimes your test suites aren’t being run mechanically, it’s useful to find out whether the scheduler is off or on. Make sure that the Turn scheduler ON checkbox is checked and click the OK button.

The looks of the scheduler button on the IDE toolbar changes after the scheduler continues to be turned on. I can’t describe how it appears other than say it seems different. Have a look on your own.

We see whether the test suite ran mechanically and wait for next five minute mark. Congratulations in case your test suite ran mechanically. You’ve just scheduled work in IDE scheduler to run your test suite mechanically and it was played successfully. The test suite failed to run as well as if it’s been more than five minutes, I don’t have any idea we are able to investigate it collectively and why, report an issue on the Selenium Problems page.

You’ve got likely found the record button was turned off if it had been on when your evaluation ran. It’s not possible to record in once in addition to play test suites mechanically. You simply cannot. You cannot and you also need to not attempt either.

In case the scheduler is on, please don’t try and record evaluations that are new or alter existing ones. You’ll lose your changes in the event you do. Please be cautious, keep in mind that line because film, “With great power … ( … comes the skill to get rid of your changes)”. I am hoping to enhance this in the following release of IDE.

This component was all about creating your first occupation to schedule a test suite to run every 5 minutes. In part 3, we’ll have a look at altering the program for the occupation that we’ve only created.

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